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Hot Topics Diabetes for Primary Care Courses

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In association with Diabetes UK
The Diabetes for Primary Care course is ideal for all GPs, practice nurses and pharmacists needing an update in diabetes, and not just for GPs with a special interest. As diabetes becomes ever more common and at the same time the management becomes more complex, this course is needed more than ever.

Topics will include changes to diagnosis and classification, individualising HbA1c targets and treatment choices (‘What next after metformin?’), insulin conversion in primary care, cardiovascular risk reduction, diabetes in special groups (e.g. pregnancy) and management with co-morbidities such as chronic kidney disease and much more.

Fully supported by its own detailed paper and electronic course book, the course attracts 6 hours of CPD, is accredited by the RCGP and the ICGP and supported by Diabetes UK.

Excellent course. Covered all the topics relevant to diabetes in primary care.
Good summary of evidence, well presented, excellent booklet and supporting materials

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